Equipment Leasing

eCapital Finance provides equipment leasing for business, construction and other companies looking to minimize their cash outlays.

Equipment leasing is becoming a common practice of many companies who are looking for an alternative form of financing when they are in need of equipment, including furniture. When compared to purchasing the equipment outright, many companies choose to go with equipment leasing financing because of its benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Great alternative to paying cash – allows you to lease equipment you need with more desirable terms, while freeing up cash for managing your business.
  • Get past upfront price restrictions – with the ability to pay over time, a company can match their needs to their budget and overcome budget constraints and price restrictions.
  • No more sticker shock – you can begin to use the equipment immediately while paying it off on a monthly basis, allowing you to compare the costs to the benefits.
  • Structured growth – allows you to add-on equipment as needed to structure growth on your terms and within your time frame.

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